WonderWebs Secure Certificates (SSL) Offer
Robert Axford
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WonderWebs Secure Certificates (SSL) Offer

It’s time to get rid of that ‘Not Secure’ message!

What is this about?
Web browsers are now displaying a ‘Not secure’ message when a website does not have an SSL certificate. An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate encrypts and secures the connection between your visitors and your website.


Do I need this?
Yes. In the past this was only necessary for financial transactions. However, it is now fast becoming a requirement, not just for security and compliance, but also for search (SEO) and for your customers’ peace-of-mind. 

What does it cost
Obtaining, installing and the ongoing renewal of SSL certificates costs time and money. We have investigated many methods for minimising the cost of providing this service to our customers.

We are now offering SSL certificates for a one-time setup fee of $60 and an annual renewal fee of just $30 added to your normal bill. 
(+GST in NZ)

The setup fee covers reconfiguring your domain and your website, and redoing your Google Search Console, Analytics and Bing configuration. The annual renewal is for the ongoing renewal and reinstallation of the certificate. This is 66% off our old price.

Ok, let's do it!
Simple reply to this email or contact us directly to discuss and request this for your website. We will take care of the rest for you.

Robert Axford
[email protected]
+64 21 385030



I have multiple websites with WonderWebs. Do they all need certificates?
Yes, but if we process them all at once, then we will offer you a combined price.

I have multiple domains pointing to one website.
So long as all the domains are redirected to a single primary domain, you will only need one certificate.

Is this a real SSL certificate?
Yes. Although we investigated pseudo-certificates as part of this process, we determined that they do not meet the full SSL requirements of upcoming browser changes. Therefore, we are only offering genuine domain validated certificates.

I already have an SSL certificate on my WonderWebs website
If you purchased a certificate earlier, it will be reinstalled and billed at the new lower price when it expires.


Robert Axford

Robert AxfordRobert Axford

Director - WonderWebs Limited

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WonderWebs director Robert Axford has over 20 years experience producing both internal and external corporate and government communications services, including intranets and websites.

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