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Robert Axford
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Xero Integration

Xero integration is an add-on for the WonderWebs Storefront

If Xero has been configured in your store, please follow the instructions here.

Create your Xero application key codes and return them to us

  1. ​Login to with your Xero account
  2. Go to My Apps > New App
  3. Choose Private App
  4. Name it to suit your website
  5. Upload the publickey.cer file you received from us
  6. Agree to the terms and Create App
  7. Copy the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret codes and return them to us
  8. Save


Confirm the Chart of Account codes and return them to us

Xero allows you to create different accounts to track various activities. Orders and payments sent to Xero need to be associated with accounts in your Xero's Chart of Accounts. The StoreFront needs to know these account codes.

Go to Xero > Settings > Chart of Accounts
Confirm that the following are correct or otherwise provide your own codes:

  • Handling fees - This is normally "260 - Other Revenue"
  • Website Payments - This normally needs to be created. Use 3-digit code "090" if available.
  • Sales invoices - This is normally "200 - Sales". Create a custom code if you want to separate web sales from other sales
  • Shipping fees - This is normally "425 - Freight & Courier"


Capabilities and limitations of the Xero integration

  • This provides a one-way sync of Completed orders from the Storefront to Xero.
  • The Order Status must be set to Completed for an order to sync.
  • Products and inventory are not included in the data.
  • A new website customer will be given a new contact entry in Xero. 
  • Additional orders from the same email address are assigned to the same user and contact.
  • Orders are sent to Xero once per day, but not at a specific time.
  • Changes made to an order after it has been sent to Xero will not be re-synced. 
  • Order cancellations will be synced once to Xero. You cannot undo a cancellation.
  • Your Xero base currency must match the primary currency in your Storefront.
  • The tax calculated by the store will override tax specified in Xero.
  • Overseas no-tax sales can be edited and assigned reconciled to another account if necessary.
  • Any included payment gateway (PayPal) fees must be manually exported from PayPal to Xero.


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