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SEO Checklist
Robert Axford
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SEO Checklist

Do these things or never complain about SEO

Certain search engine optimisation (SEO) tasks are requirements for all new websites.

Please carry out the following tasks

    A Gmail or G-Suite account is necessary for managing Google services.
    1. Register a Gmail account if you haven't already got one.
    2. Send us your Gmail account so we can connect the Google services that we set up to your account.
  • Google My Business
    This service is very important. It helps you skip ahead of outside competitors when someone searches for a product or service in your area. Set this up even if you don't have a public shopfront - Use your home office as the location. Ask us how to use the Reviews link to get review stars on your listing. Be aware that anyone can review your business at anytime regardless. You should be registered and prepared to respond professionally if you receive a review you don't like.
    1. Sign in with your Gmail account.
    2. Find and claim your business, or add it if it isn't there.
    3. Verify the location of your business - They will mail you a card with a verification code to your business address. Wait for it and enter the code back into the site.
    4. Sections to complete:
      1. Info
      2. Photos
      3. Services
      4. Users - Add [email protected] as a new user with the Manager role. This is our Google account.
    5. Sections to ignore:
      1. Posts
      2. Messages
      3. Products
      4. Website
    6. Sections for later
      1. Insights - View interactions
      2. Reviews - Respond to any you receive
  • Google Ads
    This is entirely optional. Paying for Ads, even if temporarily, allows you to skip to the top of Google straight away. Setting this up can be complicated and confusing. Share the account with us and ask for help. You might find yourself in the Google Ads setup wizard after clicking a button in your Google Business account, or you can go there yourself. 
    1. Sign in with your Gmail account
    2. Add [email protected] as a new Admin user under Settings > Access & Security
    3. Ask for help

We will carry out these tasks for you

  • Google Analytics
    We set this up for every website and will share it with your Gmail account if you want to see it.
  • Google Search Console
    We set this up and manage it here.
  • Bing Search Console
    We manage this from here.
  • Bing Places for Business.
    We will transfer your Google Business listing to this. Otherwise, set it up yourself, but tell us that you have.

Read the SEO Guide linked below for more detail, ideas and suggestions on these and other SEO-related topics.

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